Dr. Mohammad Khodayarifard, Vice-president of the World Council for Psychotherapy, addressed welcome words to the Congress participants

Dr. Mohammad Khodayarifard, Vice-president of the World Council for Psychotherapy, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Education The University of Tehran, addressed welcome words to the Congress participants.

“Dear Colleagues,
I’d like to take this opportunity and welcome your participation in the Congress on Mental Health. Regardless of our therapeutic schools of thoughts, we may comply with the vital role of psychotherapy in our world today. Our togetherness in the conference may serve as the commencement of rethinking our mission. Our common values may develop a practical template for dealing with real life problems and challenges within psychotherapy both as a scientific field and as a concrete source of system of education with tangible administrative issues.

Our personal experiences, our professional commitments and our scientific eagerness may broaden the possibility of exploring further collaborative approaches in the conference. Indubitably, psychotherapy’s growth would require more holistic approaches.
Our synergy would require a real and lively dialogical conversations with great attempts to fathom the perceptual, cognitive and emotional perspectives of every one in the conference. This conference would enrich the potential cooperation of all of us in attaining an amicable and effective openness towards the possibility of having access to multiple perspectives.

I hope that you will join us to enhance the quality of our relationship in addressing the theoretical and practical issues and concerns within the realm of psychotherapy.
I welcome your invaluable presence and I believe that your participation will strengthen the rigor of the upcoming achievements”.

Best whishes
Mohammad Khodayarifard, Ph. D.

Please visit the Congress’s website to access online registration for the congress program, including detailed information and registration options: www.mental-health-congress.ru/en/

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