Promotion of Mental Health of Adolescents- Resources for Parents of Adolescents: Expert Opinion Statement

Prof. Dr. Sabine Bährer-Kohler, President of the Association for Mental Health- Global Mental Health (Switzerland)
Mental health conditions or mental health problems account for 16%-20% of the global burden of disease and injury in young people aged 10–19 years.
Mental health problems of a child or adolescent can be very difficult and demanding for parents. Parents caring for children or adolescents with mental health problems is burdensome. For example, to realize and accept mental health diseases or in getting both their child’s and their own needs met, to empower themselves, to handle self-stigmatization, stigmatization, and other barriers. The overload for a longer time from an imbalance between perceived demands and resources can influence anger, frustration, worry, guilt, and sadness directed toward the children or adolescents, and other family members.
Parent support groups, other professional support and services can be helpful to promote the self-management of parents, to deliver information, knowledge, and to develop strategies for supporting the children or adolescents, and the family.
A combination of training of self-awareness, self-reflection and instructional, informational, and advocacy support, beside the protection and the management of individual resources and the resilience of parents demonstrated effectiveness and sustainability.
Supportive environments in the family are important for the promotion of mental health of children and adolescents.

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