Docu-MENTAL 2023

This is the fourth time we are launching the DOCU-MENTAL project. Over the years, film festivals have discussed various problems faced by people with mental disabilities. Eminent Russian and foreign film critics, journalists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, as well as people who know firsthand about mental disorders, took part in the discussions. Short films from more than 20 countries were presented at film festivals of different years.

The opening of the fourth film festival took place on May 31. This year’s film festival focuses on women’s stories in all their diversity: heroines from different countries, different ages and experiences get the right to tell their stories in the first person.

The documentary film “Dance Madness” (2022) opened the film festival (Director- Marta Espar, Majol Virgili, Spain). The film tells about the fates of girls who talk about their lives, experiences, struggle with the disease with the help of dance, and reflects on the eternal question: “What is madness?”.

Online screenings of selected films of the program are available on the COOL PLAY platform

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