“vMeste” with Teens

The desire to free oneself from parental care, control and patronage of elders; exposure to peers, unjustified aggression, risky acts, the appearance of bad habits, depression, psychological and social maladaptation – these and other problems of adolescence are familiar to many parents.
The Union for Mental Health of Russia is implementing the “vMeste” project, which is aimed at developing adolescent self-regulation and self-control skills to help them avoid mistakes, sometimes tragic. The “vMeste” is a video interview with adults that teens choose. A sincere story of a person about his childhood, stages of growing up and becoming help teenagers to better understand and accept themselves, to realize the measure of responsibility for their actions, to feel more confident in this difficult world.
More than 80 heroes of the project shared their experience of growing up with teenagers. Among them: film director Yegor Konchalovsky; actress Elena Koreneva; cosmonaut Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Russian Federation Sergey Krikalev; tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova; rap artist Basta; singer Polina Gagarina; and other celebrities in art and culture, sports and politics, as well as bloggers, heads of organizations of various profiles.
The audience of regular subscribers on social networks today is about 200,000 users, and the number of views of each interview exceeds 500,000.

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