The Russian Society of Psychiatrists in the System of Continuous Medical Education in Russia

Nikolai G. Neznanov, MD, Professor, President of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists (RSP), Director of the V.M. Bekhterev’ National Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, President of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP)
“The development of the system of continuous medical education (CME) in the Russian Federation is one of the central elements of the strategy for improving medical care for the population. However, the transition to the new system is a difficult reform requiring significant restructuring of post-diploma education, setting of new goals and requirements for training programs, which is impossible without the participation of professional communities.
Since 2016, the Russian Society of Psychiatrists (RSP) has been actively involved in the process of working on the transition to the CME system. Within the framework of CME, the RSP annually organizes a large number of educational seminars and conferences in various regions of Russia, conducts webcasts and webinars, publishes educational modules on its website. In accordance with the provisions on CME, experts recruited by the RSP review all educational activities and electronic educational modules on psychiatry. Surveys help to evaluate the educational needs of psychiatrists. Discussions on the results of the implementation of CME are held at the Plenums of the RSP Board for the elaboration of areas of development. The RSP website informs colleagues of new educational requirements, available activities and materials.
Undoubtedly, the development of CME is a difficult and long-term task, which stumbles upon many obstacles on its way. However, in accordance with the statutory objectives, placing the improvement of the quality of mental health care in the Russian Federation at the forefront, the RSP is undertaking significant efforts towards the development of the CME system. And the first results of this work can be assessed as an important and positive experience.”

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