Conference on Psychiatry in Georgia

On 26 April the Conference “Modern Tendencies in Psychiatry: Educational Programs was held in Georgia with participation of more than 100 psychiatrists from Georgia, Russia,Azerbaijan and Belorussia. The Conference was organized by the Georgian Association of Psychiatrists headed by Professor Eka Chkonia.
The reports were delivered by: Prof.Morozov (Educational Programs in Psychiatry in the World Practice”), Prof.Bobrov (“About the Need on Changing Educational Programs on Psychiatry”), and the other leading experts.
The Panel sessions were followed by the School for Psychiatrists where the lectures were delivered by Prof.Mendelevich (“Spectral approach to Diagnostics and the Problem of Therapeutic Relativism in Psychiatry” and “Neurotic and Somatoformи Disorders: Who and How to Treat”); Prof.Sivolap (“Mood disorders: Systematization and Treatment”), and the others.
It was noted that Russia held 36 Schools for Psychiatrists for the last year and 14 more are scheduled for 2018.
The goal of the Conference was to introduce educational challenges associated with changing classifications, diagnostic criterias and stygma towards people with mental disorders. Thus, they discussed relevance of involvement neurologists and general practitioners to mental disorders therapy.
The Conference participants visited the Center on Mental Health in Tbilisi.
Author: Vladimir Mendelevich

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