The latest issue ‘WPA News’- (January, 2017)

The latest issue ‘WPA News’- (January, 2017) includes all items received till January 1, 2017.
The highlights are:
  1. Message from the President Dinesh Bhugra- 
  2. WPA Intenational Congress, Cape Town Nov 2016
  3. From the President Elect-  Helen Herrman  
  4. From Secretary for Scientific Meetings- Masatoshi Takeda
  5. From Secretary for Scientific Sections-  Afzal Javed
  6. From Secretary for Finances- Armen Soghoyan
  7. From Secretary for Scientific Publications- Michelle Riba
  8. From Secretary for Education- Edgard Belfort
  9. In Memoriam- Costas Stefanis by Mario Maj
  10. WPA Inter Zonal Congress, Vilnius, May 2017
  11. WPA World Congress of Psychiatry, Berlin Oct 2017
  12. News from WPA Member Societies
  13. News from WPA Sections
  14. Obituary- Angel Otero
  15. News from Zonal Representatives
  16. News form Affiliated Associations  
  17. Future WPA Scientific Meetings 2017  
  18. WPA Conference on Education, Cuenca, Ecuador Feb 2017
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