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Dear colleagues,
It is a matter of great honour for me to share with you the details about WPA 2022 Thematic Congress on
“Mental Health at the Workplace” being held during June 2-3, 2022, in Moscow!
Union for Mental Health is a highly prestigious organisation working in different areas of mental health
and WPA’s long-standing association with this group is full of successful collaborations.
The 2022 Congress is focusing on an important topic – Mental Health at the workplace. This theme is
very critical and relevant to current practice of mental health across the globe. This indeed emerges as a
vital and central area among the priorities especially during and post Covid 19 pandemic. We look
forward having informed discussions for creating positive & favourable conditions for the protection of
mental health and well-being of workers through interagency and interdisciplinary cooperation.
I am pleased that the meeting also plans to cover other important topics of interest covering entire field of
mental health with a strong focus on the issues of practice of psychiatry looking at diversity, inclusion and
setting priorities for our future work.
The presence of several eminent speakers from all over the country along with a number of academic
and clinical psychiatrists from other countries highlights the importance of this academic activity. I am
glad that this conference is also looking at strengthening collaborations among different mental health
professionals. This will indeed prove beneficial in improving our future links with these groups.
I wish the organisers and the participants of this conference a big success and I am sure the delegates
attending this meeting will have a happy stay in one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
Welcome to Moscow! Welcome to the world of professionals and thanks for joining us and exchanging
experiences and presenting the best practices of national and international strategies and programs

Dr Afzal Javed

Natalia Treushnikova, President of the Union for Mental Health.

Dear colleagues,
We are delighted to announce that the WPA Thematic Congress “Mental Health at the Workplace” will be
held on June 2-3, 2022, in Moscow!
The Congress is aimed at creating favorable conditions for the protection of mental health and well-being
of workers through interagency and interdisciplinary cooperation.
All of us are engaged in professional activities most of our lives and we are aware that our work
conditions largely determine the entire hierarchy of the moral and spiritual meanings of our personal
existence, and affects the well-being of our families.
We also know that in the context of a pandemic that negatively affected the economy and social security
of the population, the world of work has been seriously affected. We all faced threats to our health, new
working conditions, family and personal problems caused by forced isolation. All of these could cause
increased anxiety, stress, which could negatively affect our mental health and well-being.
In this regard, we express the hope that the Congress will become a global platform for all interested
stakeholders including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists; leaders and specialists of
companies within the production sphere and the sphere of services, HR services; policymakers and the
media, NGOs and community leaders who can provide a consolidated position on how to address mental
health and well-being of workers all over the world.
Welcome to Moscow! Welcome to the world of professionals who will exchange experiences and present
the best practices of national and corporate strategies and programs aimed at preserving the mental
health and well-being of the working-age population!
On behalf of the Union for Mental Health, the host organization, let us express our deep gratitude to the
World Psychiatric Association and personally to President Dr. Afzal Javed for the opportunity to organize
a thematic congress on such an important for all of us topic!


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