Library of the Union for Mental Health

The Union for Mental Health in partnership with the publishing house Gorodets, is carrying out a project which aims at promoting the publication and republication of the best books by Russian and foreign authors, needed both for specialists and for all those willing to find themselves in our complex contradictory world.
20 books have already been published as part of the project Library of the Union for Mental Health.
These books will allow the readers to discover methods of psychoanalysis, analytical psychology, Gestalt analysis; and will enable every person to choose a close area, guide him or her in finding a way out of a difficult situation, help cope with anxiety, depression, intrapersonal conflict and change life for the better.
One of the project’s novelties is the book by Eugene Minkowski Schizophrenia. Psychopathology of the Schizoid and Schizophrenic. (Eugene Minkowski. La Schizophrenie. Psychopathologie des schizoïdes et des schizophrènes).
The reader is offered a classic work of the great French psychiatrist. It is perhaps the first book in the history of world psychiatry to have coherently applied a modern structural approach to the description of schizophrenia. The system of definitions for schizoid disorders proposed by the author has largely remained unchanged to the present day. At the same time, the book also gives a retrospective analysis of the historical background of the issue.
The book should be interesting not only for practicing psychiatrists, psychologists and students, but also for a wide range of readers curious about what is happening in the world of the unconscious.
To access the Union Library’s bookshelf, click HERE

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