Helen Herrman, President of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA)

It is a privilege and pleasure to join the III Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century with the theme “Children, Society and Future” on 26-28 June 2020 in Moscow. The Congress shares with its predecessors in hosting an unprecedented gathering of leaders from medical and non-medical fields from within Russia as well as beyond with the ambition to promote mental health. This mix of capacity in mental health science, practice, policy and advocacy with leaders in government, business and community sectors across society is essential and usually missed in movements and gatherings that aim to promote mental health and extend the possibilities to prevent, treat and recover from mental ill health.

The aims of this Congress to create favorable conditions for preserving and enhancing the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents, necessary for the healthy development of families, communities and societies and the future of human civilization is especially close to my heart. As it is to the mission and actions of the World Psychiatric Association. The Association aims to increase the capacity of psychiatrists to strengthen the capacity of communities to respond to mental health needs of women, men and children, especially the children and young people in conditions of adversity. 

The Congress affirms that mental health is everybody’s business. It opens a unique space marked by determination to meet mental health needs and care for the future through healthy development of the children and young people in Russia and the world. I look forward to meeting you in Moscow.

Helen Herrman

President, World Psychiatric Association

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