We Need to Talk About Prematurity

New book by Emilia Afrange was published in English and Portuguese

The book “We Need to Talk About Prematurity” is the result of the work developed by Emilia Afrange at the Outpatient Clinic for Prematurely-Born Children at the São Paulo School of Medicine of the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), where children and adolescents born prematurely up to the age of 20 are assisted by a multidisciplinary team. Most of them are at high risk of biological, psychological, and social complications.

In this publication, the relevant aspects of prematurity are presented, ending with the psychological issues that the author knows in depth and shares with readers, providing them with a very interesting and pleasant text, which will certainly contribute to the dissemination of this theme.

About the author: Emilia Afrange

Emilia Afrange is a President of Latin-American Federation of Psychotherapy (2016-2018 / 2018-2020) (www.flapsi.org); President of Brazilian Association of Psychotherapy (2013-2015 / 2015-2017) (www.abrap.org); Vice President of Brazilian Association of Psychotherapy (2017-2019) (www.abrap.org). She is a Psychologist of the team specialized in Prematures at “Escola Paulista de Medicina”(http://www.viveresorrir.org.br), a Psychotherapist, a clinical psychologist, a teacher and a supervisor of Instituto Sedes Sapientiae (www.sedes.org.br), an affiliated member of the Institute of the Psychoanalysis Brazilian Society in São Paulo (http://www.sbpsp.org.br/).

Emilia Afrange is a Director of Institutional Relations at Mamãe Associação de Assistência a Criança Santamarense NGO (http://mamae.org.br /) and a member of the Núcleo de Pesquisa do Ambulatório de Prematuros da EPM-UNIFESP (Center for Preterms Studies).

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