23rd World Congress of Social Psychiatry

By Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil

President, World Association of Social Psychiatry 

This is to welcome you to the 23rd World Congress of Social Psychiatry, Bucharest, Oct 25-28, 2019 and to remind you about abstract submission!

Participants are requested to submit an abstract to the Secretariat via the abstract submission link by April 30th 2019. Abstracts will be reviewed and assigned to appropriate sessions. Please note! Authors need to be registered for the congress in order to be able to have an abstract accepted. Please indicate if you are submitting your abstract for a symposium, a workshop, a free paper session or an e-poster session. 

Method of submission: Abstracts should be submitted online at the website: https://www.wasp2019bucharest.org/Abstract/Create

Guidelines for Submission Abstracts for Symposiums and Workshops

  1. If you choose to submit a Symposium (a few abstracts (3-5) related to the same topic) or a Workshop (a few abstracts (2-3) related to the same topic of a more interactive nature)
  2. The maximum time allocated for a Symposium is 90 minutes and for a Workshop is 60 minutes including 5-10 minutes discussions. The Local Scientific Committee takes the liberty to adjust the time of the Symposium or Workshop depending on the overall schedule and topic presented. The authors will be notified in due time.
  3. The number of speakers per Symposium should not exceed 5 and the number of speakers per Workshop should not exceed 3.
  4. Please allocate 1-2 chairs per Symposium and 1 chair per Workshop. 
  5. Please send the structure, chairs and all the content (all the abstracts in a single document) using the same upload platform: https://www.wasp2019bucharest.org/Abstract/Create ; Steps: Select Symposium or Workshop from the Abstract Type categories; complete the identification data of the main organizer and upload the word document that will include: the full title of the Symposium or Workshop; the chairs, followed by all the abstracts for the presentations with their respective authors and affilliation. If one of the authors does not want to submit an abstract, please include in the final document just the title of the presentation and all its authors. The individual abstract included in a Symposium or a Workshop should not exceed 250 words each.

For more information please visit  wasp2019bucharest.org or waspsocialpsychiatry.com   Hearty welcome once again!

Best wishes,

Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil

President, World Association of Social Psychiatry  

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