The expert of the Union for Mental Health of Russia, music therapist Liliya Novikova, has come forward with an initiative of supporting educational projects by clinicians of Russian health care institutions.
October 28-29, an educational seminar “The Quintessence of Health” was held in St. Petersburg by the Altai State Medical University lecturer Alexander G. Lesnichev (Barnaul).
The next seminar which will be held within the framework of this initiative, will include an educational program on music therapy.

Master-class: “What is Music Therapy?”
A master class “What is music therapy?” will be held in in St. Petersburg in the run-up to the European Music Therapy Day.
The event will be held by: Lilia Novikova, Ph.D. (Art History), clinical psychologist, music therapist, expert of the Union for Mental Health of Russia; Ekaterina Davidenkova-Khmara, Ph.D. (Art History), Associate Professor of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory Department of Orchestration and General Composition, composer, sound producer; Anna Vasilieva, teacher of the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Musical College, Orff music-therapist; Olga Polovnikova, psychotherapist, art therapist.




Event: Master-class “What is music therapy?”

Date and time: 11 Nov 2017, 14:00 – 17:00

Location:  7. Vilensky lane, Center “Psychometric”(St.Petersburg)

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About the Organizer
Lilia Novikova created the “Music Therapy ENVIRONMENT” channel with the purpose of promoting musical therapy as one of the directions for innovative rehabilitation practices in the field of mental health protection, as an additional educational system for practicing physicians, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, musicians, volunteers, social workers and rehabilitation specialists, etc.


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