Source: www.triestementalhealth.org

The international school and conference “The right [and the opportunity] to have a [whole] life” organized by the Mental Health Department of Trieste (Italy), a WHO Collaborating Centre, will be held on 15-18 November 2017. 

Among the main topics of the Meeting: epidemiology of Rights, bioethics, the UNCPRD compliant services, avoiding coercion and restraint, global mental health and human rights, etc.

This is an open interactive meeting with an exchange of new thinking, creative ideas and innovative practices for empowerment, self determination, community resilience, wellbeing and human rights. 

The Meeting will encompass stakeholders, leaders, organizations, international bodies, brought together to a common discourse and dialogue.


The event is organized in collaboration with:

World Health Organization

International Mental Health Collaborating Network (IMHCN)

World Association Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WARP)

Conferenza Permanente per la Salute Mentale nel Mondo “Franco Basaglia” (Copersamm)

Società Italiana Epidemiologia Psichiatrica (SIEP)

Psichiatria Democratica (PD)

European Community Mental Health Service (EuCoMS)


To get more information on Program Draft and registration, please follow: www.triestementalhealth.org

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