Union for Mental Health Features the First Winning Project of “Healthy Generation” Contest on the International Children’s Day


The 1st of June is celebrated worldwide as the International Children’s Day. This holiday recalls the need to respect the rights of children, protect their lives and health and create humane and fair society. Different charitable events for orphans, disabled children and children from socially unprotected categories are traditionally held throughout Russia on this day.

Within the framework of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Protection activity, the Union for Mental Health conducts the annual All-Russian Contest “Healthy Generation”. According to the results of the 2017 competition, 13 organizations-winners from all over Russia were announced, who have already begun the implementation of grant projects for children and adolescents.

Today, on the International Children’s Day, we present the first grant project “Lessons from ancestors” from the Taimyr House of Folk Art. The aim of the project is to create conditions for the preservation of the mental health of 187 children and adolescents in Dudinka by involving them in socially useful activities together with older people. The project participants are children from an orphanage, a specialized correctional school and a boarding school.



The first master class on Nganasan national mittens was made by Svetlana Aksenova, a native Nganasanka, laureate of the international competition for awarding the MIRA master award, the owner of the Order Women’s Glory, mother-heroine – she has 10 children, 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren!

Adolescents of the target audience and all interested amateurs and masters of Dudinka could learn the craftsmanship of making Nganasan mittens. Participants learned about the secrets of the pattern, the choice of material, historical traditions of wearing this kind of clothing and the difference between women’s and men’s gloves.



We will continue to share interesting projects and stories of our winners!




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