United Nations event about Mental Health and Wellbeing in the new UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development

You are cordially invited to an important United Nations event about Mental Health and Wellbeing in the new UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. This is the first UN event on the topic following the historic inclusion of mental health and wellbeing in the new global agenda. It is being held September 7th, in the margins of the 71st UN General Assembly. Given the importance of identifying how mental health and wellbeing will be implemented on the country level, this event presents real programs “on the ground” to achieve this target, in various regions around the world, in both developing and developed countries.
Please click here to RSVP by September 1st (required to arrange entry only if you do not have a UN Grounds Pass). Contact PROffice@palauun.org or call (212) 813-0310 with any questions.
Article about the Intergovernmental Negotiations at the UN for the inclusion about mental health and wellbeing in Agenda 2030: http://boston.forward.com/articles/185615/five-words-that-can-change-the-world/
Video about: Youth Mental Health: United Nations Ambassadors and Youth Speak Out.  Shows intergovernmental advocacy campaign at the UN about mental health and wellbeing. https://youtu.be/tUlVg7TTDpg

Please visit the Congress’s website to access online registration for the congress program, including detailed information and registration options: www.mental-health-congress.ru/en/

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