Prof. Nikolai Neznanov, President of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists (RSP), with welcome address to the Congress participants

Prof. Nikolai Neznanov, President of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists (RSP), Director St.Petersburg V.M. Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute, President World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP), Head Psychiatrist Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, with welcome address to the Congress jn Mental Health participants.


Ladies and Gentlemen!
Dear colleagues!
Dear friends!

Mental health is the base of society well-being, one of the main indicators of the general population health state, an important issue of one’s self-realization. Personalized approach becomes more and more popular in all fields of modern medicine, which is a good prove of the recognition of the role of personal factors in onset, cause and outcome of the diseases. Results of the interdisciplinary research show the number of overlaps in pathogenesis of mental and somatic disorders. The most modern treatment methods showing the strong evidence efficacy in the studies can come out as less effective in daily practice if the impact of the psychological issues in therapeutic process is ignored.

The rapidly changing world with its huge amounts of often contradictive information bring about new challenges for the patients and specialist as well mind, the sophistication of psycho-social relationships bring about defines the greater vulnerability of mental health, the necessity of the involvement of the wide range of specialists in the mental health prevention and treatment programs.

Biopsychosocial paradigm which main principles were elaborated already by V. M. Bekhterev and the holistic concept of dynamic psychiatry, where mental, somatic and spiritual aspect of individual functioning are considered as a whole, that is integrated in groups, society, culture and natural environment where they exist, seem to be the most perspective models of modern medicine.

I hope that a reach spectrum of specialists participating in this forum will bring about new creative possibilities in the further development in this direction.

Sincerely yours Prof. Nikolai Neznanov

Please visit the Congress’s website to access online registration for the congress program, including detailed information and registration options:

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