75th Anniversary of the Federal State Funded Research Center for Mental Health of Russia

The Federal State Funded Research Center for Mental Health is the leading institution in the field of psychiatry in the Russian Federation and is ranked among the eight world leading centers for mental health according to the Ranking Web of Research Centers.

The research and practical activities of the Centre are focused on solving problems of theoretical and applied nature in the field of clinical, biological and social psychiatry.

The Centre’s most important objectives are:

    • research into biological bases of pathogenesis of mental diseases;
    • theoretical insight into the clinical problems of diagnostics and classification of endogenous mental illnesses, borderline mental disorders, organic mental disorders in elderly patients, mental disorders in children, adolescents and young adults on the basis of studying the patterns of their development and clinical course;
    • identifying research priorities in clinical and biological psychiatry;
    • development and practical application of new types of therapy for mental disorders along with the evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of psychotropic and other drugs and their effects on the central nervous system;
    • training and professional development of academic and highly qualified health care personnel;
    • improvement of mental health services structure along with the development of the legal basis for mental health care.


The Director of the Center 
Tatiana P. Klyushnik, Doctor of Medicine, professor.

Professor Klyushnik is one of the leading neuroscientists in Russia and abroad. Her research work is focused on neuro-immunology and neurochemistry of mental disorders and aimed to determine its biological markers. She applies the unique integrative approach incorporating both psychopathology and neuroscience in her research. Professor Klyushnik’s team results, clarifying immunology, biochemistry, EEG, MRI and psychopathology aspects of mental disorders, are regularly published in leading journals and widely implemented in psychiatric practice.

An author with more than 150 scientific articles and 3 book chapters, published in national and international journals, professor Klyushnik owns 3 patents and 2 medical technologies related to mental disorders diagnostics, treatment and outcome prediction.

Professor Klyushnik in her role of MHRC Director will facilitate further integration and promotion of clinical and biological disciplines.


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