Профессор Елиот Сорель делится новостями по развитию программ в сфере охраны психического здоровья

Professor Eliot Sorel shares positive Global Health policy developments
“Warmest congratulations to Japan and Finance Minister Taro Aso who together with World Bank President Jim Kim launched the #Healthforall project on April 20th at the World Bank in Washington, DC. I was privileged to have been invited and to have participated in this historic event. The event resonated very well with our APA Position statement on Healthcare, Inclusive of Mental Healthcare Is a Human Right adopted in 2017.
Once implemented #Healthforall will have a major impact on health care access worldwide and especially for the 50% of people around the world who now have no access to care. It will also make a significant contribution to eradicating poverty globally.
Delighted to also share with the innovative World Bank Group, WHO, and OECD meeting on Global Mental Health that took place the day before, April 19th, and pleased to have participated in it as well. Please see attached documents.
Both of these are also natural health policy catalysts for the excellent WPA Work Plan Triennium 2017-2020 and for our 1st International Perinatal TOTAL Health Congress in Sinaia Romania this June”.

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