Психическое здоровье и образование: Экспертное мнение участников II Конгресса "Психическое здоровье человека XXI века" Марианна Каструп, казначей Всемирной ассоциации социальной психиатрии, член Исполкома Всемирной психиатрической ассоциации

MENTAL HEALTH AND EDUCATION: PERSONAL EXPERT OPINION BY MARIANNE C. KASTRUP, Treasurer World Association Social Psychiatry, Past Member Executive Committee World Psychiatric Association, Former Head of the National Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry (Copenhagen, Denmark).

“Education about mental health may be approached from various angles.

From a gender perspective education about mental health problems may be an important part of empowerment. From an individual perspective as women who have insight and knowledge about how adverse life events may influence their mental health may be in a better position if not to avoid the consequences at least have tools how to cope with them.

From a societal perspective, such insight and knowledge may provide service providers as well as health care planners the necessary means to support these women in order to prevent that they develop more serious mental health disorders.”

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