Art-Psi Biennale “Festival of Psychology and the Arts”

Art-Psi Biennale “Festival of Psychology and the Arts” in Samara September 25-27, 2020

We invite you to take part in the first international Art-Psi Biennale “Festival of Psychology and the Arts” in Samara on September 25-27, 2020. The main idea of ​​the Festival is to combine the means of the arts and psychology in the interests of maintaining mental health, social well-being and quality of life, harmonization and strengthening family relations, popularizing the achievements of art therapy and art pedagogy, education and socialization of the younger generation, inclusion of people with disabilities, promoting ideas and values ​​of sustainable development based on the use of the arts and creative activities.
An important role in the preparation and conduct of the Festival is played by a professional community of assisting professionals working at the intersection of psychology and the arts particularly those who apply arts therapies and arts pedagogy approaches.
One of the main organizers of the event is the National Association for the Development of Art Therapy Science and Practice “Art Therapy Association”, the leading professional association of domestic experts in the field of art therapy and arts pedagogy. Co-organizers and partners of the event are public associations, leading practical institutions and cultural centers, Samara State Social and Pedagogical University, the Union of Mental Health and others.
The structure of the Festival includes the four full-fledged programs with the participation of representatives of more than a dozen regions of the Russian Federation, countries of near and far abroad (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, the USA, Israel, etc.), namely:
1. Scientific-practical conferenceArt therapy and art in the development and improvement of the individual, family and society”, including round tables and discussion platforms, workshops, seminars and educational programs, the final edition of the collection of scientific publications (RSCI),
2. An exhibition of innovative programs and technologies that use the achievements of practical psychology and the means of art with the goal of developing human potential, strengthening psychological health, rehabilitation, prevention, as well as an exhibition of various products intended for artistic and creative activities and decorative and applied arts,
3. The arts festival, which includes concert and theater performances, exhibitions of professional and non-professional (amateur) art and decorative and applied art with innovations in the field of contemporary art with its new strategies and media – eco-art and environmental art, digital and electronic art, infra-realism and transactional aesthetics,
4. A cultural and entertainment program for participants and guests of the Art-Psi Biennale, which includes a diverse excursion and tourist program, as well as events that contribute to a good rest and establishing professional contacts.
A rich palette of events of the Festival is formed thanks to partnership and cooperation of specialists from scientific, pedagogical, cultural, social organizations and institutions working at the intersection of psychology and the arts and united by the fundamental values ​​of creativity and the human community in their fruitful and inextricable relationship with each other, which is a distinctive feature of a festival that gives it a new quality.
We will be glad to see you or your organization as participants or guests of the 2020 Samara Art-Psi Biennale.
For more information and confirmation of your participation, please contact us by e-mail:



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