The art book “Outsider art: collection “Others” came out with the support of the Union for Mental Health (Gavrilov V.V., science editor – Azov A.V., 2017, Moscow: “Gorodets” Publishing House, 504 p.).
The works presented in the art book, being a part of the collection “Others” (Yaroslavl, Russia), are not focused on any classical or modern visual practices. This edition introduces new names in the outsider art together with already well-known Russian and foreign artists, which allows
us to get a more comprehensive idea of this art and to compare it with the works of psychopathological expression.
Vladimir Gavrilov, the author, is an eminent psychotherapist, collector, founder and curator of the “Others” collection, popularizer and researcher of the outsider art. We meet the author’s reflection on the of the dilettante artists’ creative process, considering the peculiarities of the interinfluence of art and psychopathology.
The art book presents more than 650 works by about 130 authors, arranged by the following sections: historical works of psychopathological expression, art brut, naive art, “crossroads of marginal creativity”, samples of spontaneous art therapy.
The edition is targeted at art historians, museum workers, gallerists, culture experts, philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, art therapists and anyone who has an interest in the outsider art.
You can get the new edition HERE.

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