Publishing activities


1. Collection of scientific papers of Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century


2. Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century


3. The Manual of volunteer programs in the area of teenagers' mental health care

The manual is intended for young people aged 14-16 who are engaged in volunteer work among peers in the prevention of mental health problems and forming of confident life position.

The book introduces an overview of mental distress problems, the causes and the ways of their prevention. The book also contains the examples of teaching methodologies and options of practical training.

4. Online catalogue of the organizations of the city of Moscow and the Moscow region providing services in rehabilitation to people with mental peculiarities

The catalogue is addressed to families raising children with special needs as well as to adults with mental peculiarities. The catalogue contains information about governmental and non-governmental organizations on the basis of which one can receive psychological and educational assistance, consultancy in various cases of human activities (case-managers), educational services, complex rehabilitation services, information about pre-professional education of particular teenagers and adults.

5. The handbook for volunteers in the rehabilitation of people being under medical treatment on the basis of psychiatric facilities

The handbook is addressed to the Russian citizens including students of high education institutions, colleges, people reached retirement, staff of non-commercial, governmental, municipal and commercial institutions, as well as specialists of health care and social protection institutions who are interested in improvement of health and quality of life of people with mental peculiarities such as patients of psychiatric facilities and who want to help them personally as a volunteer.

The handbook demonstrates an overview of the international and the Russian volunteering experience in psychotherapy, the specifics of mental disorders, the peculiarities of people with psychological disorders and their need in the rehabilitation programs.

The authors give practical recommendations for the management of volunteering activities in psychiatric facilities.