What We Are



Being a unique and resourceful member-organization, the Union for Mental Health practices a collective decision management procedure, thus ensuring the protection of common goals and interests of its members.

The Convention of the Union for Mental Health


The supreme and legislative body of the Union for Mental Health is the Convention. The Convention is held every five years.

Natalya Treushnikova



The Supreme Council is the collective management body.


Natalya Treushnikova
President, psychiatrist, narcologist

Vladimir Borodin
Vice-President, M.D.
 High-level certificate psychiatrist, professor

Igor Kagramanyan
Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation


Grigoriy Ivliev
Director General of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent)


Petr Morozov

MD, PhD, DrSci, Board member and Zonal representative of the World Psychiatric Association for Eastern Europe


Nikita Mikhalkov
Film director, President of the Russian Cultural Fund, Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation.

Sergey Solovyov
Film Director, The People's Artist of the Russian Federation

 Stas Namin
Musician, Art Director of the Stas Namin Theatre of Music and Drama

Valentina Orlova
Chairman of the World Club of Petersburgers

Aleksey Migunov
Director General, Rushimalyans LLC

Olga Pazyna



Olga Pazyna
Director, PhD in Economics

Olga Suzdal
Deputy Director/Regional Development
Tatyana Klushina
Deputy Director/Administration
Dmitry Poluboyarinov
Deputy Director/Strategic Develpment